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A TrustWellness Wondr Success Story
I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life, but it really got out of control when I began teaching. I have always been a stress eater and the pressures of my job led to a lot of overeating and making the wrong food choices. Over the past five or six years I put on 50+ pounds and was  unmotivated, stressed, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I finally had enough and decided to change my bad habits and get healthy at the start of this year. This turned out to be quite the challenge before I found the Wondr program. I struggled for a few months trying to make healthy decisions on my own because I wasn't addressing my mental health and the root of my overeating. Once I discovered Wondr though, I began to make consistent progress. I not only learned how to eat the right foods and portions but skills to help me deal with the stressors in my life in a healthy way. This program is not just a weight loss tool; it is a lifestyle change. Along with losing 50 pounds, I have so much more energy and motivation, less stress, and more confidence.  ~Megan Poe, Franklin Co R2 School District