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What Are TrustWellness Challenges?


Your TrustWellness program provides tools, resources, and programs to help you live a healthier life.  This includes annual Challenges that focus on three primary areas of health: increased physical activity, better nutrition, and stress management.  They are designed to educate and motivate participants to incorporate healthy behaviors in your everyday routine.  Below you will find information about all Challenges and requirements for participation.


TrustWellness District Activity & Well-Being Challenge: Commit To Fit

Here’s How It Works:  Register on our new platform, the Walker Tracker, at  It takes about 30 seconds on the website or app. New this year, you can upload your smart device or enter your progress manually, share progress and pictures with friends to stay motivated, earn progress badges, win weekly prizes, and SO much more!  The district to win possession of the coveted Winged Foot Trophy, along with bragging rights, must record the most (averaged) well-being miles at the end of this 4 week Challenge.  The Challenge(s) start in September in the Fall and January in the Spring.                                                                              

Note:  Total miles are based on the average of all district participants each week during the 4 week Challenge.  Each district's miles are calculated using a minimum of 5% of district member population.  If 5% are not registered, weekly miles will be calculated using the number that equals 5%.  This allows smaller districts to compete fairly with larger districts.  

Here's How To Win Weekly And Grand Prizes:

Each week a prize drawing will be conducted for participants that logged any activity.  Weekly prizes include massage guns, yoga mats, workout kits, running socks, and more. To be eligible for the Grand Prizes including: a $100 Fleet Feet gift card, 1 of 3 FitBit Versa 4's, or a $50 grocery gift card, must log the corresponding well-being miles f in each participation level who have logged the following activity miles qualify for the drawing:

                    Beginners:            Log well-being miles equivalent to walking (125 miles),

                    Intermediate:       Log well-being miles equivalent to walking (175 miles),

                    Advanced:            Log well-being miles equivalent to walking (275 miles).

Note: Participants cannot drop to a lower activity level if you have participated in a higher level in any past Challenges.

Tax Disclaimer:  By accepting a prize, you acknowledge that any tax liability will be the responsibility of, and will be borne entirely by, you. You are encouraged to consult your tax advisor regarding the taxation of any prize you accept.


Who Can Participate:

All district employees are eligible to participate and log your activity.  However, you must be enrolled in the school’s medical plan to be eligible for prizes.

How To Participate:

Register at:  Click on “Register” if you have not participated in the past, or “Sign In” if you have. NOTE: You can register to participate at any time during the Challenge and still be eligible for prizes.


By registering to participate in the TrustWellness District Activity Challenge you agree to allow the CSD Insurance Trust’s TrustWellness Program to photograph, videotape, and use your name, and to use such media for any and all purposes including advertising, print publications, public relations displays, posters, and promotional displays in public venues.  There is no financial compensation for the use of the media.  It is understood that this consent remains valid until I withdraw my consent in writing and I hereby release The CSD Insurance Trust from any and all claims that may arise out of the use of such media.  See our TrustWellness Program Notice at


Nutrition Intuition Trivia Challenge 

 This 3 week Challenge is designed to answer questions about health, nutrition, available resources and tools to help you stay focused on healthy habits this holiday season, and a chance to win prizes!!

When:  November - December


  • Send your name and school district to: [email protected]
  • Answer weekly questions (provided upon registration)
  • Finally, send your answer sheet back to [email protected] at the end of each week to be entered in weekly prize drawings.  You can win 1 of 3 $50 gift cards to the grocery store of your choice!       

Who:    All members of the CSD Insurance Trust are eligible to participate and win prizes.  If you are not a member you are welcome to participate, however, non-members are not eligible to win prizes.  Sorry. 


Stress Less Personal Challenge

Official Rules

The TrustWellness Stress Less Personal Challenge is a stress management initiative.  It provides participants the opportunity to practice and adopt a variety of simple daily activities that you can do anytime, anywhere to address the physical effects of stress. 


This is a two week activity, April 15th thru April 28th, 2024, where participants earn points for practicing stress relieving techniques for a minimum of 10 minutes each day .  Stress reducing activities can include more than one, but should equal at least 10 minutes.


Use activities from the list provided to you upon registration, or, use your own (each activity is worth 1 point).  At the end of each week send a copy of the Challenge Log to: [email protected] to be eligible for the weekly prize drawing.

 Who Is Eligible 

All staff are eligible to participate in the Challenge, however, only members of the CSD Insurance Trust are eligible for prizes.

If you have questions email Laura at: [email protected]