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Anthem Wellbeing Resources

Building Healthy Families

This program offers help during all phases of growing a family from pregnancy through child rearing. 


Anthem Health Guide: Anthem Health Guide Video

This high-touch, concierge-style service model is designed to give members proactive, personalized support to help them stay involved in their health, get more value from their benefits and easily navigate the healthcare system.


Well-being Coach Video

With Wellbeing Coach, you have access to 24/7 to a coach for personalized guidance via chat. Our experienced health educators help members take that next step — or the first one – towards a healthier lifestyle. The coaches can assist members in reaching goals for weight loss, tobacco cessation, eating better, and increasing exercise. It’s the individualized support members need to take an active role in their health. If you need even more support, you can connect with a certified health coach by phone.


Care and Cost Finder: Find Care

Doctors and hospitals often charge different amounts for the same service, which can leave members guessing on what they will pay. The Care & Cost Finder helps members compare costs for common healthcare services and choose a doctor that’s right for them — all in one place. Estimates are based on their specific benefits, so they can get a true picture of what they’ll pay.


LiveHealth Online

Members can visit a doctor 24/7 to get expert advice, a treatment plan and prescriptions if needed. Whether they have a medical issue, allergy concern or need behavioral health services, LiveHealth Online can help. It’s free to sign up, there are no monthly fees and members will never pay more than $59 for a medical visit. Members can sign up or log in, select a doctor and feel better fast. LiveHealth Online is available at or on the mobile app.


Condition Care: Asthma, Diabetes, and Musculoskeletal

Members can get the added support they may need if they have asthma, diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart failure. A nurse coach can answer members’ questions about their health and help them reach their goals based on their doctor’s care plan. Members can work with dietitians, health educators, pharmacists and social workers to reach their goals and feel their best.


24/7 Nurseline

Members can call 24/7 and talk to registered nurses who can answer health questions and guide them to the best place for care.


Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional health is an important part of overall health.  Emotional Well-being Resources, administered by Learn to Live, members can receive support to help live your happiest, healthiest life.  Built on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anthem digital tools are available anywhere, anytime. Members learn effective ways to manage stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, and sleep issues. 


Sydney App

Get instant access to your health plan info at or with the Sydney app.  

Check claims, find a doctor, get discounts, see benefits and more.