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Have you registered with Anthem.com to get online access to your benefits.  Here’s how:

1. Go to www.anthem.com and click Register

2. Enter your personal information, member i.d. number, and click on Save & Continue

3. Create a username, password, security questions and answers. Click Save & Continue

4. Last, click on Confirm if your information is correct

5 health & money saving benefits
When you think about your health benefits, you probably know that visits to your doctor and other types of care are covered. However, did you know about all the additional benefits you have to help you stay healthy and save money? Here are just a few examples - and they're available to you at no extra cost:

24/7 NurseLine
When you have a question about a health issue, a registered nurse can answer your questions any time of the day or night. Making the right choice can help you save money and get the best care for you and your family.
Call the NurseLine using the number on your Anthem ID card.  866-962-1395
Member discounts
You have access to more than 35 great discounts and special offers from more than 20 companies. They include discounts on gym memberships, weight-loss programs, vitamins and much more.
  • Log in at www.anthem.com
  • Choose Discounts on the right side of the page
  • Click on Active & Fit
Estimate Your Cost
You may be surprised to learn that different hospitals and facilities charge different amounts for the same service. Now you can know the cost before you set foot in the hospital. By getting an estimate of your costs based on your health plan's benefits, you can pick a facility that fits your needs and budget.

Log in at www.anthem.com
Select Estimate Your Cost (Procedure or Treatment).
Follow the steps to find a procedure.

Health Assessment
Understand your health and what you can do to enjoy a healthier life. Fill out a confidential assessment (review) of your health. Then get a health assessment score based on your answers. You also get tips to help you be healthier.

Log in at www.anthem.com
Choose Health & Wellness.
Select Take my HA now to start.

Our ConditionCare nurses help members manage the symptoms of ongoing conditions. Things like asthma and diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), heart failure and coronary artery disease.

Call Member Services at the number on your ID card.  866-962-1395

Want To Quit Smoking?
Making a plan to quit smoking is the first step to quitting for good.
Take the first step here, and say goodbye to cigarettes forever!

Preventing Cancer:
Learn how to help lower your chances of getting cancer, plus what screening tests the American Cancer Society recommends, and when.
Your Care Options & Cost:
See the various levels of care that are available to you and some of their potential uses