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The CSD Insurance Trust on behalf of our participating members offer Retirees continued health benefit coverage.  To qualify, Retirees must be active participants in either the Public School Retirement System (PSRS) or the Public Educational Employees Retirement System (PEERS).  Retirees have one year from the date last worked to elect medical coverage. 


A retiree must be enrolled in dental or vision at the time of retirement to continue coverage at your own expense.  Once you terminate coverage, you are ineligible to re-enroll.


Once a Retiree becomes eligible for Medicare, it may be beneficial to select a Medicare Supplement Plan instead of continued participation in any of the Trust’s comprehensive medical insurance plans.


To assist with this decision, the Trust offers assistance to our Retirees to participate in the following programs:


CSD Retiree Plan Options:
Anthem “Active” Medical Plan
Plan will pay secondary to Medicare Parts A & B
Monthly rates are based on plan elected.
Anthem “Medicare Part D” Plan
Plan provides prescription drug coverage for those enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.  There is a separate premium for this plan.  This Part D plan could be an option for those electing the TransAmerica Premier Life Medicare Supplement plan.
$140.15 Monthly Premium for 2024 Calendar Year.
UHC “Medicare Advantage” PPO Plan
Administers your Medicare Part A, Part B and includes creditable Rx coverage.
$0 Monthly Premium for 2024 Calendar Year.

TransAmerica Premier Life “Supplemental” Plan
Plan works alongside your Medicare Parts A & B. Must enroll in separate Part D prescription drug plan of your choice. 
Rates are age based and change every year at birth month.


General Pre or Post- 65 Retiree Questions


Retiree/Medicare Questions for administrators or Retirees: [email protected]


Retirees - UHC

Post-65 Retirees

Member Services Numbers:




Retirees - TransAmerica

Post-65 Retirees


Customer service phone number:


Monday-Friday 7 AM until 5 PM (CST)



Retirees –


Part D

Post-65 Retirees

Anthem Customer Service: 1-866-830-0174


To request an application for any of the above programs, please reach out to  [email protected]

To view a pre-recorded presentation of the CSD Retiree options, click on the following link: