About Us

CSD Trust Insurance Trust Overview
The CSD Insurance Trust was established on October 1, 1991 by a number of forward thinking school districts along with the Cooperating School District (now known as Education Plus).  The purpose of the Trust's creation was to cooperatively purchase medical insurance knowing that the larger the group size, the more influence and control over rates could be obtained from insurance providers.  
That principle is still true today as the rates obtained from  our program carriers continue to be better than any one member could obtain on their own.  The Trust has also been able to leverage our carriers to receive additional services and special arrangements that only larger employer groups are offered. 
The Trust began by offering fully-insured health insurance plans and then in 2013, the Trust was reorganized to operate as a self-insured organization. 
Over the years, the Trust has grown and now serves over 10,000 employees and retirees and has expanded its services to include: 
  • Self-Insured Programs
    • Medical Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
  • Fully-Insured Programs
    • Life and AD&D Insurance
    • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Programs
    • Disability Insurance
    • Accident Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Additional Services
    • Benefits Administration
    • COBRA Administration
    • ACA Reporting
The CSD Insurance Trust is organized and operated by its members for the benefit of those members.  Each member provides a representative to the Trust's Advisory Committee, who elects three (3) Trustees to conduct the business of the Trust.  The Trustees appoint a Trust Administrator to manage the day-to-day operations and a Managing Director to oversee other duties of the Trust.