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Common FAQ's

1. What does the Corridor mean? 
The Corridor is the amount the member will pay.  The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) will pay first, then the employee pays the corridor amount to meet the full in-network deductible.  For example, if you are enrolled in the Premium HRA 1,000 Corridor plan.  The in-network deductible is $3,000.  The HRA will pay the first $2,000 for medical services, then the employee will pay the $1,000 corridor to reach the full $3,000 deductible. 
2. What is a life qualifying event?  How long do I have to elect coverage?
You can only make changes outside of Open Enrollment if you experience a life qualifying event.  This is not limited to and can include: marriage, divorce, legal separation, birth or adoption of a child, loss or gain of other coverage, eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid,  You have 30 days to make changes. 
3. What is the copay for Telemedicine? 
For 10/1/2021, the copay is $10 for the Premium and Standard Plans.  For the HSA and KIDZ plan, the copay can be up to $59.
4. How do I find an in-network medical provider?
Log into the Anthem member site.  The site will automatically know the network you are in.  You can search for providers by the following: gender, office location, specialties, training, etc. 
5. What is balance billing?
Balance billing occurs when providers bill a patient for the difference between the amount they charge and the amount that the patient's insurance pays.  The amount that insurers pay providers is almost always less that the providers "retail price."  This usually happens with an out of network provider. 
6. Where can I find a copy of my ID card?
Download the Sydney app and you can view and use your digital ID card. 
7.  Will I receive a separate ID card for vision coverage?
As of 10/01/2021, your Anthem ID card will now include medical and vision.
8. How do I enroll?
  • Go to
  • Register: enter first and last name (as filed with the district) date of birth and SSN
  • Add a new User ID and follow the rest of the instructions to complete your account setup
  • Elect the benefits you would like to enroll in (be prepared to provide eligible dependents' and beneficiaries' full names, dates of birth and social security numbers.  Have documents available to verify dependents.
  • If you are complete with elections, look for a green check mark and message that states your benefits are confirmed and ready to take effect when Open Enrollment ends
  • Print confirmation for your records
9. Who is the carrier for the Employee Assistance Program?
Lincoln Financial is the provider.  You can receive up to five (5) sessions with a counselor per person, per issue, per year.  You and your family can access the online portal for assistance 24/7 unlimited. Confidential assistance is available anytime by calling 888-628-4824 or logging on to                            (Username: LFGSupport  Password: LFGSupport1)
10. For 10/1/2021, HSA accounts are moving to Anthem from BenefitWallet.  What do I need to do to transfer funds? Is there a blackout period when I can't use my funds?
You will receive an email from Anthem with instructions, you will have from October 1 to October 31 to log into to roll your funds  over to the Anthem HSA.  Once you have completed this step, it will take up to 14 days for the funds to show up in your Anthem HSA, during which time you will not have access to the funds from your BenefitWallet account, please plan accordingly.
11. Is there a benefit for Identity Theft protection for loss of a loved one?
Yes, LifeKeys services from Lincoln Financial includes protection against Identity Theft .  Also helps with Online Will Preparation and Guidance and Support for beneficiaries up to one year after a loss and includes under 10 in-person sessions for grief counseling, legal or financial information and unlimited phone counseling.
Visit (Enter Web ID: LifeKeys) or call 855-891-3684