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Success Stories

TrustWellness Success Story

Michele Hartzell, Franklin County R2 School District

September 2017


Michele is the lead nurse in the Franklin County R2 School District.   At 63 years old she decided to change her lifestyle and lose some weight. Inspired by the TrustWellness District Activity Challenge, she used it as a platform to jumpstart her weight loss journey, and to date has lost 50 pounds! She simply increased her physical activity and ate healthier by cutting down on unhealthy carbohydrates and watching her portions.


Michele shared the benefits of her weight loss:

  • She has more energy and is mentally more alert
  • She has a more positive outlook on life
  • Her cravings for sugar and salt have decreased and food tastes better
  • Internal functions are more efficient
  • Her rheumatoid arthritis isn’t as painful, and
  • She went from a size 20 pants and 3x shirt to a size 14 pants and Large shirt!


Michele wanted to share her story, as she wanted to inspire all those people that think they cannot do it…YES, YOU CAN!!

From all of us at TrustWellness, Congratulations Michele!


If you would like to share your success story, email Laura at laurafortrustwellness@gmail.com

Want to share your wellbeing successes?  Contact Laura.  laurafortrustwellness@gmail.com.