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Stress Management

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What Is Stress?

Stress is not a useful term for scientists because it is such a highly subjective phenomenon that it defies definition. And if you can’t define stress, how can you possibly measure it? The term “stress”, as it is currently used was coined by Hans Selye in 1936, who defined it as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. >>Read more

Why We Gain Weight When We’re Stressed—And How Not To

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly eating a tub of ice cream while you brood about your latest romantic rejection or eating a hamburger and fries in front of your computer as you furiously try to make a work deadline, when you suddenly realize your waistline has expanded. If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios, you’re not alone and it’s probably not your fault. Stress that goes on for a long period is a triple whammy for weight—it increases our appetites, makes us hold onto the fat, and interferes with our willpower to implement a healthy lifestyle. Click here for four major reasons stress leads to weight gain and four great research-based coping strategies you can use to fight back.

Ten Things You Can Do To Decrease Office Stress The real secret to de-stressing is to find things that would make you happy and content within. Click here

Stress Management


Ten Stress Busters

Work Life Balance